What’s new in Pointer V2.5.0

We are pleased to share that GeoSignum Pointer V2.5.0 has released. 

We have added new features to the pointer platform. Some of the new features are:

  1. Advanced search adress function: It is possible to search an address from the 2D viewer. The search function will locate a marker in 2D and 3D viewers.
  2. Transpancy layer: Transparency of each layer can now be adjusted via the sliding bar rigth under the layers.
  3. Height scale: The 3D viewer has now a height scale bar on the rigth corner of the 3D viewer. The heigth values can also be adjusted dinamicly from open controls. It is also possible to adjust height values of the extracted layers.
  4. Dinamic project area border : It is possible to adjust the heigth of the project border. The project border height can be adjusted via open controls - Border height.
  5. Dinamic feature border : It is also possible to adjust the height of the selected feature.
  6. Bing road maps and Bing Aerial maps are added to the 2D viewer.
  7. There have been lot of improvements made on varias extraction modules.