Webinar: web based LiDAR data processing

GeoSignum’s Pointer Platform makes it possible to store, access, process, manage and visualize enormous LiDAR datasets, all within the same web-platform.  This cloud-based software offers a unique way to work with LiDAR data, and it only requires an internet connection. With this new technology you can extract many specific features from very large datasets, such as trees, curbs and crash barriers, in an automated manner. You can easily process enormous amounts of data with only a mouse click. Do you want to know how LiDAR processing can be so accessible and cost-efficient? Join our very first free webinar on Tuesday, March 6.

Webinar: Web-based LiDAR data processing with GeoSignum Pointer web platform 

On March, the 6th, GeoSignum Pointer will start off it’s webinar series for all those interested in how to get the most out of LiDAR data, while using it in a quick and cost-efficient manner! We will tell you all about how Pointer Platform enables you to easily manage, visualize and process massive LiDAR datasets using only a web-browser.

This Webinar takes only 45 minutes and we will introduce  the Pointer Platform which is an exciting new way of managing and processing LiDAR datasets in the cloud. Pointer Platform only requires a device with a Chrome-browser and an internet-connection. 

Webinar Time and Date

March, the 6th between 1.30 PM and 2.15 PM, CET

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You will learn to:

  •        Explore and manage LiDAR data in GeoSignum Pointer’s 2D and 3D engines
  •        Process LiDAR data in the cloud,
  •        Make use of on-the-fly automatic feature extraction(Building/rooftops, trees,)
  •        Create your own projects, share and download

Why you would benefit from using GeoSignum Pointer Platform:

  • Experience LiDAR data processing in a whole new way
  • Reduce manual labor
  • No expensive software, hardware or plugins needed
  • Gain the ability to simultaneously access, manage, extract and visualize huge LiDAR datasets
  • Cooperate on a global scale with your co-workers and partners

Browser-based LiDAR data processing

Sign up for our free GeoSignum Pointer Webinar and learn more about the new way of managing,visualising and processing massive LiDAR datasets by only using a web-browser. With this 45 minute webinar you will learn how you could easily use GeoSignum pointer, introduction to web based LiDAR data processing with GeoSignum Pointer web-platform.


Don’t miss the unique opportunity in finding more about GeoSignum Pointer technology. Attendees will have special offers so make sure that you registered on time.