Release Pointer Web-Platform Version 5.0

We are excited to share that GeoSignum Pointer Web-Platform has just launched Version 5.0, boasting an array of impressive enhancements that set a new standard for performance and functionality in online LiDAR data processing and combining with other geo-spatial datasets using only a web-browser. The new version marks a significant leap in our journey towards providing the ultimate user experience.

This version introduces major changes in design, new AI features and plugins that enhance usability and engagement with other 3rd party GIS software. 

GeoSignum Pointer V5.0 introduces a new multi-data view feature, designed to redefine ease and efficiency which allows users to simultaneously view, compare, and manipulate multiple datasets in a single,  user-friendly interface. 

Some of the key-highlights: 

New dashboard : Dashboard area has been given a complete new appearance. We have added advanced search and filter functions.

Multi data viewers: Individual datasets can now be viewed individually and together at the same time. It is possible to work on multiple datasets simultaneously. It is also possible to assign any dataset to any active viewer in the scene. There are new preset window layouts which can be selected in real time.

New Panoramic viewer: We have renewed the entire panoramic viewer in the Pointer Platform. 3D Mesh support, the new panorama viewer fully supports the 3D mesh together with the panorama images.

Pointer AI : We introduce a new design and categorization of our AI technology includes, analytics, automated feature detection and classification.

Speed: Project creation speed only takes a few seconds now! AI data processing task speed is 6.5 times faster than than the previous versions

Share: You can now share any individual viewer alone as a public link. This means that you can share point clouds, 360 panoramic images or other type of 2D datasets as an individual link.

Plugins, Workspaces and many more..

In summary, GeoSignum Pointer V5 is not just an update; it’s a new chapter that brings unprecedented improvements in design, functionality, and user experience. We are thrilled to share this milestone with our users. For more information please get in touch!