Release Pointer V4.0

We are pleased to announce our exciting new release: Pointer Version 4.0

What’s new in Pointer V4.0:

  • Profiling: get a cross-section directly from point clouds and download the results as 3D .DXF line.
  • Improved drawing and tagging capabilities
  • Improved vectorisation/annotation tools
  • Upload 3D models directly to the 3D viewer.
  • ‘Cancel’ function: cancel a running task.
  • ‘Email me’ function: receive an email when the task is completed.
  • 3D base layers: visualize Bing Aerial and open streetmap together with pointclouds.
  • New Ai powered object detection and analysis tools
  • Visualize/Interact 3D models(BIM, 3D city models etc.) 
  • Visualize/Interact 360 Degrees panoramic imagery  and all types of aerial imagery
  • And many more,

If you want to know more about our exciting new release,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.