GeoSignum Pointer V2 is released

We are pleased to announce the new GeoSignum Pointer V2. The new release contains a lot of new features and improvements. Also, we took a lot of time to improve the user experience of our cloud software. 

Whats new  :

We have added a lot of new features to the pointer  platform. A summery of the new features are given as:

  • Extract Planar Surfaces
  • Fill Holes
  • Extract Trees (Point segments)
  • Extract the position of the trees
  • Extract Building Rooftops (Point segments)
  • Extract objects based on dimensions
  • Curbs (Point segments)
  • Fences (Point Segments)
  • Smooth Data
  • Decimation/Data Thinning
  • Extract Min/Max Height
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Volume Analysis
  • Tiling
  • Filter Dimension
  • Quality Analysis (number of duplicated points, number of outlier,min-max of (X,Y,Z), point density,point spacing)
  • Remove Cars
  • Remove Unwanted objects
  • Extract pole like objects
  • Download the measurements as dxf format.
  • Easy profiling/cross section creation
  • Improved share and publish funtion
  • A lot of bug fixes