Trainee/Internship Position - 
GeoSignum is currently looking for a highly skilled and enthusiastic team member who has a background in computer vision, robotics, systems and control, embedded systems or similar fields. The goal of this traineeship/internship is to  research/prototype and calibrate an omnidirectional camera with a 360-degree field of view.

About Us
GeoSignum is a high-tech start-up company based in Delft and member of the YES!Delft business incubator. GeoSignum develops pioneering software and hardware solutions to automatically detect, extract and map geographical objects and features from 3D LiDAR datasets captured from various platforms(Mobile or Airborne) using the state of the art 3D computer vision, advanced data processing and machine learning techniques.

1. Knowledge and practical experience with Python/C++, Linux, OpenCV and ROS
2. Experience with interfacing optical and image sensors.
3. Basic knowledge of camera models, lens distortions and calibration techniques and
coding skills, with the ability to work in a team in a high-tech start-up environment.


1. Research different methods of achieving omnidirectional view (Catadioptric, Dioptric, Polydioptric)
2. Based on the outcome of the research build/implement an omnidirectional camera with a 360-degree field of view
3. Calibrate camera to remove lens distortions

You will work on a unique game changer project where you will have opportunities to learn unique
applications in the field.
*competitive compensation
*Duration: Minimum 2 months and Maximum 6 months.
Email us your CV.
+31 (0)15 203 6000
Molengraaffsingel 10 (YESDelft Labs)
2629 JD, Delft, The Netherlands