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Web-Based LiDAR data processing technology

LiDAR technology is a fast and accurate 3D data capturing technology which is rapidly becoming a standard tool to directly and accurately capture the digital surface data all around the world in various projects. GeoSignum Pointer web-platform is a unique cloud based Software allows to visualize and process any kind of LiDAR dataset  (i.e airborne, mobile and terrestrial) using only a web-browser.




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Fully automated feature extraction from LiDAR data

GeoSignum Pointer web-platform allows you to process LiDAR datasets in a fully automated manner with the state of the art 3D computer vision, advanced 3D data processing and machine learning techniques. Detecting and analysing trees, curbs,roads, crash barriers, pole-like objects, paint markings, sound walls,road signs, cars, are just some of the capabilities of the pointer platform. The platform is also integrated a number of point cloud processing tools such as automatic cleaning of noise, removing unwanted objects and various automated classification toolsets.Experience the new way of LiDAR data processing with pointer web platform.

All you need is a web-browser for your LiDAR data

GeoSignum’s Pointer AI Platform makes it possible to store, access, process, manage and visualize enormous LiDAR datasets, all within the same web-platform. Our cloud-based software offers a unique way of working with LiDAR data, and it only requires a web-browser.

 Visualize and interact with point clouds
- Visualize and interact with 360 Degree photos
- Visualize unlimited high resolution Aerial images
- Visualize unlimited 3D models
- Visualize unlimited ESRI shape  and DXF files
- Upload, visualize PDF, CSV, photos-images,videos(.mp4) attached to project areas
- Advanced measurement tools (Area,Distance, Vertical distance, circle, volume etc.)
- Connection to ESRI Arcgis online
- Advanced Asset tagging and drawing tools
- Real time project collaboration and chat functions
- Creation of WFS/WMS directly from the created asset layers
- Role based dataset and admin management
- Advanced dataset/project sharing options