GeoSignum Pointer web-platform is a unique AI powered cloud based Software As a Service and developed by GeoSignum Team. GeoSignum uses new cutting edge techniques that speed up the entire data processing workflow of 3D laser scanning data using only a web-browser. There is no need for an additional software or plugins anymore.

Managing massive sized point cloud in the cloud

Access massive size of LiDAR datasets in a second using your web-browser. The GeoSignum Pointer platform allows you to access manage and share massive size of LiDAR datasets in just seconds.

On-the-fly unlimited 3D point cloud processing in the cloud

Our platform is also integrated a number of point cloud processing tools, so called 'Basic Tools'. With these Basic Tools' a lot of new features are added, including the automatic cleaning of noise, reducing the number of points, classify your LiDAR data ground and non-ground points and more...

Experience the full automatic feature extraction in the cloud

Extract features with just a mouse click with the proven GeoSignum pointer full automatic feature extraction technology: curbs, crash barriers, poles, sound walls are just some of them. Since we are continuously improving our feature extraction technologies, we will be updating our platform periodically with new features.

How does it work?

You will only require an account to be able to use the platform. Once you chose your account type either you can upload your LiDAR data or send your data within a physical media such as hard disk. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.



2D and 3D Viewer

GeoSignum pointer web-platform consists of 2D and 3D engines. 2D viewer engine allows you to create unlimited layers for vector and raster datasets. You can also create and manipulate the layers as you wish.

The 3D engine allows you to visualize, analyze and extract features from your browser. The extracted features will also be visible instantly in 3D viewer engine as well.

Multi data viewers: Individual datasets can now be viewed individually and together at the same time. It is possible to work on multiple datasets simultaneously. It is also possible to assign any dataset to any active viewer in the scene. There are new preset window layouts which can be selected in real time.

All you need is a web-browser

  • Extracting features with just a mouse click thanks to the extensively tested GeoSignum pointer full automatic feature extraction technology.
  • High performance 3D point cloud visualization on your browser.
  • 3D measurement tools
  • Download LiDAR datasets in LAS format using built in Clip and Ship technology.
  • Host Terabytes or Petabytes of LiDAR (Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial) data.
  • Host 2D/3D GIS and high resolution imagery datasets
  • Publish and share LiDAR data with a mouse click
  • On-the-fly automated 3D point cloud processing:
  • Measurement tools on your 3D point cloud on your browser
  • Tag points,objects and download the tagged information together with its lable
  • Unlimited project management, visualization, share and download services.
  • Visualize and manipulate ESRI shape features (point, polyline, and polygon) on the 2D viewer.
  • Overlay 2 different LiDAR data to check differences
  • Visualize shape feature in the 3D viewer together with the LiDAR datasets.
  • Share: You can  share any individual viewer alone as a public link. This means that you can share point clouds, 360 panoramic images or other type of 2D datasets as an individual link.
  • Panoramic viewer: 3D Mesh support, the new panorama viewer fully supports the 3D mesh together with the panorama images. You can measure, share and download the measurements from panoramas instantly.

Some of the capabilities of our Pointer AI Software


Basic tools

  • Filter noise
  • Point-to-Raster
  • Merge datasets
  • Generate Slope Map
  • Generate Aspect Map
  • Generate Hillshade
  • Point-to-Elevation Contour
  • Point Statistics
  • Local Minimum
  • Local Maximum
  • Filter based on Return Number
  • Filter based on Number of Returns
  • Filter based on classification group
  • Filter dimensions (x,y,z,i,r,g,b)
  • Filter height
  • Filter height based on %
  • Create DTM
  • Create DSM
  • Classify ground points
  • Classify non-ground points
  • Downsampling
  • Extract Planar Surfaces
  • Fill Holes
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Change Detection- All changes
  • Change Detection- As points
  • Change Detection- As Raster
  • Change Detection-Buildings
  • Change Detection -Trees
Fully Automated Feature Classification
Automated Tree Mapping (Forestry)
Fully Automated Vectorisation and Analysis
Fully Automated Change Detection
Quality Analysis

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