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Web-based LiDAR data processing

read more about our recent release on GIM International The use of 3D laser scanning is growing enormously, and the amount of data is growing accordingly. It is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire the in-house technical capability to store, manage and analyse this massive volume of data. The flood of laser scanning data demands more effective…

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Automated tree mapping from LiDAR

The extraction of useful information from LiDAR datasets often requires many hours of manual inspection. With the unique methodologies developed by GeoSignum, individual trees can be automatically detected and information regarding the individual trees can be extracted precisely. Information such as the position of the tree (x,y,z), height of the tree, diameter of the trunk…

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GeoSignum Pointer V2 is released

We are pleased to announce the new GeoSignum Pointer V2. The new release contains a lot of new features and improvements. Also, we took a lot of time to improve the user experience of our cloud software.  Whats new  : We have added a lot of new features to the pointer  platform. A summery of the…

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