Robotics Engineer - Full time

GeoSignum is currently looking for a highly skilled and enthusiastic  team member who has a background in robotics, systems and control, embedded systems, mechatronics or similar fields. 


About Us

GeoSignum is a high-tech start-up company based in Delft and member of the YES!Delft business incubator. GeoSignum develops pioneering software and hardware solutions to automatically detect, extract and map geographical objects and features from 3D LiDAR datasets captured from various platforms(Mobile or Airborne) using the state of the art 3D computer vision, advanced data processing and machine learning techniques.




  1. MSc engineering degree in  robotics, systems and control, embedded systems, mechatronics or similar fields.
  2. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, 
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills, 
  4. Knowledge and practical experience with Python/C++, Linux, OpenCV and ROS
  5. Experience with interfacing optical and image sensors.
  6. Basic knowledge of camera models, lens distortions and calibration techniques,
  7. Strong coding skills, with the ability to work in a team in a high-tech start-up environment.
  8. Having an experience with LiDAR sensors is a plus
  9. Experience with PCB development is a plus
  10. Valid working permit in the Netherlands



  1. Collaborate with fellow engineers, developers and other members of the team
  2. Design, develop, build,code, fuse, synthesize and implement software/algorithm for the integration of different sensors including LiDAR, Machine Vision Cameras and other sensors.
  3. Interfacing optical and image sensors,
  4. Provide technical support and advice for the developed robotic system, 
  5. Constructs, configures, debug and test the developed robotic system,
  6. In addition to that  the role will include to deploy, implement, test, debug the developed software/algorithm to  ensure that these sensors function together or individually.
  7.  Research, document, and develop new algorithms.
  8.  Calibrate cameras and other sensors to remove lens distortions etc.
  9.  Performs other duties as assigned.



You will work on a game changer project where you will have opportunities to learn unique applications in the robotics and LiDAR field.  You will work within a highly skilled and dedicated engineering team, you will have plenty of opportunities for personal development.

*competitive Salary

Email us your CV and motivation

+31 (0)15 203 6000


Molengraaffsingel 10 (YESDelft Labs)

2629 JD, Delft, The Netherlands