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Projects in the Cloud

Feature extraction tasks

Trillion LiDAR points

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Automated feature extraction

Fully automated feature from LiDAR data, using only a web-browser

All in one

The possibility to collaborate easily and extract all needed information automatically from LiDAR data, this in one platform

Reducing costs

Process all you need in an automated manner with a single mouse click instead of manually measuring or picking.

Pointer Cloud Software


GeoSignum Pointer cloud is a unique web-based LiDAR data processing technology, using only the web browser. GeoSignum uses the state of the art 3D computer vision, advanced 3D data processing and machine learning techniques that speed up the entire data processing workflow of 3D LiDAR data using only a web-browser. There is no need for an additional software or plugins anymore.


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Release Pointer V4.0

Sep 8, 2020

We are pleased to announce our exciting new release: Pointer Version 4.0 What’s new in Pointer V4.0: Profiling: get a cross-section directly from point clouds and download the results as 3D .DXF line.Improved drawing and tagging capabilitiesImproved vectorisation/annotation toolsUpload 3D models directly to the 3D viewer.‘Cancel’ function: cancel a running task.‘Email me’ function: receive an…

LiDAR-Webinar series(NL)

May 7, 2020

GeoSignum Pointer gaat starten met een gratis Webinar serie voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in hoe je het meeste uit je LiDAR data kunt halen op een snelle en kostenefficiënte manier. We zullen je alles leren over hoe het Pointer Platform het mogelijk maakt grote LiDAR datasets te managen, visualiseren en verwerken waarbij u alleen een webbrowser…

‘On the fly’ assets detecteren en analyseren(only in Dutch)

Mar 9, 2020

LiDAR is een razendsnelle 3D-technologie voor onder meer het nauwkeurig kunnen vastleggen van assets in de openbare ruimte. Het Pointer Platform van GeoSignum maakt het mogelijk enorme LiDAR-datasets op te slaan, te openen, te verwerken, te beheren en te visualiseren. En dat allemaal ‘on the fly’ via de webbrowser. Er is geen extra software of…

GeoSignum moved to YESDelft Labs!

Mar 3, 2020

We are happy to announce that GeoSignum has moved to a new location!Over the last few years GeoSignum team has grown, due to expansion of our team we have moved our offices to a newly designed, larger office located at YESDelft Labs. Want to join us in our new office and interested in working on…

GeoSignum lanceert Pointer versie 3.0 (only in NL)

Feb 21, 2020

360 graden foto’s, luchtfoto’s, 3D modellen (BIM, smartcity), alle soorten puntenwolken, BAG, BGT, documenten en video’s: men kan het vanaf nu allemaal kwijt op het vernieuwde GeoSignum Pointer Platform lees verder @ bignieuws.nl:

Release: Pointer V3.0

Feb 18, 2020

We are pleased to announce our exciting release: Pointer V3.0We have added a lot of new features to Pointer V3.0.  Some of the exciting new features are: Advanced data management and sharing functions Advanced vectorisation Real time project collaboration within a group New Ai powered object detection and analysis Visualize/Interact 3D models(BIM, 3D city models…

GeoBuzz-2019 (in Dutch)

Nov 21, 2019

We hebben een succesvol GeoBuzz event achter de rug en dankzij de enthousiaste aanwezigen hadden we twee dagen een drukbezochte stand. We hebben tijdens dit event met professionals, gemeenten, bedrijven, wetenschappers en studenten kennis kunnen uitwisselen omtrent geo-informatie en LiDAR data. Daarnaast heeft Dogan Altundag op dit evenement een presentatie gegeven over het door onszelf…

GeoBuzz 2019

Oct 20, 2019

GeoSignum’s founder Dogan Altundag will be speaking at GeoBuzz event on the 19th of November. For those who are interested in LiDAR, dont miss this! His talk will be about:The impact of automation factor in LiDAR data processing.Why is automation so important and what is currently possible Ai (deep learning, machine learning)? How do you…

We are hiring!

Aug 10, 2019

Join us to build the most advanced  LiDAR data processing technologies! The team is growing, we are looking for data scientists and software engineers interested in working on our game changer LiDAR data processing technologies! Check out our open positions!

New website-new look

Aug 5, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website with a fresh new look. Our new website provides a seamless user-friendly experience and fully responsive with the mobile devices. The new website has a clear message of our unique technologies and what we stand for. We will be updating our new website regularly…

Discovery activity Pointer Web-Platform

 Projects Created

Every user has the ability to create projects and use them to gain information regarding the created project location.  These projects can be carried out on as well large as small scale.

Feature extraction tasks

The number of tasks given by the user, such as extracting trees, buildings or road curbs out of the created project area.

 Trillion LiDAR points

The current total number of LiDAR points hosted in the Pointer Web-Platform. The number of LiDAR points in the platform is growing every moment.

Pointer Web-Platfrom in 30 seconds


Below we answer some of the  general questions about the Pointer Web-Platform.

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Join us to build the most advanced LiDAR processing technologies!

We are looking for data scientists and software engineers interested in working on our game changer LiDAR data processing technologies!